Who is She?

Annabelle Anderson Smith, who is she? She is bold. She is fearless. She is strong. She is currently a student studying Marketing and HR Management at Francis Marion University. Annabelle currently serves as a Director of the of the All Star Program at Extreme Cheer and Tumble where she runs the program and coaches tumbling/ elite all star cheer teams. Expected to graduate in December of 2019, Annabelle intends on moving to New York City where she will pursue her dreams of putting both her schooling and creativity to use in the workplace.


Art and creativity fall at the forefront of all things that Annabelle involves herself with. Annabelle grew up in a home that fostered her imagination and creativity from a young age. Some of her earliest memories include watching her father create music in his studio and observing her grandmother paint beautiful works of art. As she grew older, she followed suite. Annabelle has a deep love for all things art, from music to poetry to fashion. Her love of the unique is sure to be translated in all of the work she provides.